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Annual One Percent For The Planet Donation – 2013

Charity Water Tico Shaving

Our Fans Vote On Our Donations

As you may know, TICO* Shaving Co is aligned with the 1% For The Planet Organization. We truly believe in their commitment to help the planet through their network of approved charities and organizations, and in turn, we are committed to donating 1% of our gross revenues through 1% For The Planet.

This creates one very important question every year- What charity do we donate to? 

This was our first year with 1% For The Planet, so we sat down to talk about how to go about making this decision. It was a very short meeting because the answer was obvious- let our community vote! 

Team TICO*  selected four charitable organizations aligned with 1% For The Planet that we felt represented TICO*’s Pura Vida mantra. The following organizations were identified as finalists, and we turned over the decision to our community.

Charity Water was chosen by the majority of our community, making them the recipient of our 2013 annual donation. 

They are doing some amazing things where the water quality and accessibility issues are beyond our comprehension as members of a civilized society. They invest the donations they raise into experienced organizations in order to build sustainable, community-owned water projects around the world. Their level of visibility in showing how their money is spent is a welcomed level of transparency; they even document each project and stick it on Google maps. These guys are the real deal, go here to learn more about what they do or check out this video:

Thank you to everyone who voted this year, and kudos to selecting a fantastic organization for us to donate to for 2013.

charity: water celebrates 2013 from charity: water on Vimeo.

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