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Why 1% For The Planet?

TICO* + 1% For The Planet = Love

Well the short answer to the question of why we chose to align ourselves with 1% For The Planet is ‘Why Not?’, But I do get the question from time to time and feel that it would be worthwhile to delve into our reasoning a bit more. First, check out this video on 1% for the Planet:

First, We Strongly Believe in Giving Back

From day one, we knew that TICO* was going to be aligned with a charity of some sort. How could it not be? The organic nature of TICO* goes to the root of doing the right thing and being responsible. Accordingly, we strongly believe people and companies alike have a debt to the earth that must be repaid, and the more we use the earth, the more we owe it. Building a successful company that ignored this responsibility would not settle well with anyone on our team.

Secondly, We Are Insanely In Love With The Outdoors

When Travis and I challenged ourselves to identify a cause to align TICO* with, we explored many different charities and conducted quite a bit of research, formed lists of many different options, and had many discussions on the topic. The common theme was the outdoors because we both thrive on spending time in nature. It is what fuels and inspires us. Without natural places to ‘re-create’ in, how would we survive or grow? Even more importantly, will our children have access to such places? We think so, but we want to do our part to ensure it.

Lastly, We Want To Provide You With Choices

The premise of 1% For The Planet is that contributing Companies like TICO* can choose from charities that they have investigated and approve of. We can even allocate portions of our annual contribution to more than one charity. If there is a certain cause or if the environment has areas that it has impacted in a given year and we wish to allocate funds to it, we have that flexibility. With that said, it is our plan to provide all of our subscribers with a vote on who you would like to see us donate portions of our annual donation to, pretty cool eh? How many companies do you associate yourself with that ask for your direction in their charitable donations. We do.

Oh Yeah, We’re a Fan of the Man

Patagonia in our opinion is such a great company. It has so many admirable qualities to the approach it has taken to building slowly and sustainably. That’s why we are huge fans of Yvon Chouinard, he is one of our roll models for the way he has built the culture at Patagonia and for the commitment to and love for the outdoors.

So as you can see, the reasons are many for hooking up with this incredible organization. Hopefully you are subscribed to our communications so you can have input on our donation decisions after the end of each year. Here is a list of the charities that have been approved by 1% if you want to check them out. See any that you like? Let us know by commenting below!

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