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Top 10 Reasons Shaving is Like Sex

Shaving Sex

If You Think About it, Shaving’s a Lot Like Sex…

If you think about it shaving and sex go hand in hand. At it’s core, shaving is a grooming ritual that is done to appear attractive to your mate, or prospective mate for that matter. Sure, social conformity has a lot to do with it like office etiquette and keeping up appearances, but just as a male peacock prances around with it’s feathers displayed, humans groom themselves to be attractive.

So in that light, here are 10 ways that shaving is like sex;


#1 : Everyone does it, some more often than others

Everyone Does It

#2 : If you’re not careful you could hurt yourself

tangled up

#3 : No matter how often you do it, a little time goes by and it’s time to do it again

Like Rabbits

#4 : You can go without doing it for a long time, but people start to notice


#5 : It’s kind of messy, but it feels fantastic

Dirty Fun

#6 : You can do it alone or in the company of others

shaving cream fight

#7 : It’s fun to do it in the shower

shower fun

#8 : There’s no need to do it until you’re an adult

Home Alone

#9 : Everyone does it a little differently

Do It Different

#10 : Lubrication is a good thing,
but who ever heard of using foam or gels? Viva Organic essential oils.

tico-logo-medium copy

So, let’s hear from you… any other fun analogies you can come up with on this topic? Why stop at 10… We would love to hear from you!

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