TICO* Shaving Co | What Is A TICO?

What is a TICO?

TICO* / tee-koh / n.

Naturally Friendly


TICO* Defined: 1) A colloquial term for a native of Costa Rica (feminine tica, plural ticos, ticas). 2) The self-appointed term Costa Rican’s chose for themselves. 3) Short for hermanitico (‘little brother’), a friendly and respectful way to denote affection.

A Tico (or tica) is easily the most amazing person you will ever have the astounding pleasure of meeting. They have a passion for life and enjoy each breath. Their naturally friendly outlook is guided by the concept of “Pura Vida”, an expression used in many forms, which essentially translates to, “life is wonderful, enjoy it.”

As a nation, their commitment to equality, human development and environmental sustainability is unequalled. All around darn near perfect folks, if you ask us. Their simple, pure and adventurous spirit embodies TICO* Shave Oil and everything we stand for.