TICO* Shave Company | Fanatical About Our Planet's Resources


Our Mission

give the world a healthier, friendlier shaving experience

What shaving oil product does our shave company provide to our customers?

A great shave oil that is packed with organic, natural oils that promote healthy, moisturized skin and a superior, simple shaving experience over mainstream products like shaving gels and creams. One that…

  1. Increases – happiness during shaving
  2. Decreases – pain, irritation, discomfort, dry skin
  3. Eliminates – the need for gels, creams, aftershave and moisturizers
  4. Prevents – nicks, cuts, razor burn and common skin disorders
  5. Inspires – people to be kind to their skin and kind to the planet

What does our shave company want to achieve?

We set out to create a shave company that makes a difference in our market. Not by just growing market share or increasing sales, but actually helping people with what matters to them. We want to make a product that makes shaving enjoyable. We want to make a product that delivers truly useful benefits including pre-shave (soften the hair), during-shave (increase razor glide), post-shave (sooth and heal the skin) and after-shave (moisturize and protect the skin).

All of these properties can and should be available in a single shave oil product. But not just any product, we want our product to made of the best ingredients possible. Not just “all-natural” but USDA Certified Organic so you know it’s good. And we don’t want to stop there either. We want to deliver this ground-breaking product in a system that’s easy to use with one hand, without a screw-top, that travels well, is shatterproof and safe to recycle.

What about TICO* is so important?

We are fanatical about our responsibility as stewards of our planet’s natural resources. We are passionate about creating excellent products that provide for a simpler and superior shaving experience. We are underdogs that want to crush the shaving gel, shaving cream, and aftershave industries.

What challenges face the shaving industry today?

The shaving complex is owned almost exclusively by ONE company. This company makes decisions on how most people shave and what they shave with. They are  a publicly traded company who is beholden to stock holders, not their customers. Their best interest is to release products that make money, not products that are safe, friendly and natural.

The second problem lies in companies trying to make a name for themselves by purporting to be “all-natural” when their products are anything but. Additionally, even products that are all-natural still don’t come close to meeting the standard for USDA Certified Organic which means ingredients that are grown without the use of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, sewage sludge, GMO or ionizing radiation.

In the end, what do we hope to achieve?

There is a safer, smoother, more natural way to shave and it’s TICO* Shave Oil. Secondly, we want to be publicly recognized for having shifted the majority of the market demand for shaving gels & creams to organic, superior shave oils. We would like to place the terms ‘shave gel’ and ‘after shave’ as historical references to antiquated products that were once mainstream.