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A Manifesto On Authentic Living

Camping and Shaving

Do You Shave While Camping? I love to camp. In fact, I would prefer to be camping continuously… exploring new places, being closer to mother nature, meeting new people and enjoying new experiences. Camping is the only way to get away from your home, or even tourist maiden hotels and truly BE in the places […]

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Green Gift Guide For Him
Tico Green Gift Guide for Him

I think most of us would agree the men in our lives are hard to shop for; either they don’t like a lot of “stuff”, they are particular, or their wish list includes big ticket items.  To find a unique, meaningful gift is a challenge for every holiday and special occasion, year after year.  We’ve […]

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To Shave or Not to Shave
how often to shave

    To Shave or not to Shave Ah, the timeless question… to shave or not to shave. Lucky for the ladies, they can cover up during the colder months. For a man though, unless you are wearing a mask, your mug is out there for folks to see. So for all you guys out […]

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A True Passion For Surfing Recently, my brother in law shared with me an amazing surfing photography book titled “The Beach Blog” from the Aquabumps surfing photography blog by Eugene Tan. He picked up the book while visiting Bondi Beach in Australia, a mecca for those who love surfing. This book literally took my breath away. Once I came […]

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14 Ways to be Inspired in 2014

In Costa Rica, the towns are busy preparing to ring in the new year with tamales. In the grocery stores, every one greets each other with “Feliz Año Nuevo!” and “Pura Vida!” Pure life. Let’s enter 2014 with the intention of living a pure, authentic life. Let’s make this year about taking care of our […]

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Why Do Women Shave?- A Brief History
woman shaving history

The History of Women Shaving Did you know that people have been plucking, burning, and ripping out undesirable hair since 4000 B.C.? Honestly, that is one of those fun facts I may not have ever discovered if I weren’t doing a little research. Now I have something interesting to bring up at dinner parties. Cave […]

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Is TICO* The New Wine & Chocolate For Women?
Tico For Women Wine

TICO* Shave Oil is not just for men! Women everywhere are realizing what luxury shaving feels like with TICO* shaving oil; so we steal it from our men until we can get a hold of our own bottles. I have a girl friend in Mexico who borrowed one of my bottles of TICO* shave oil, and […]

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Why 1% For The Planet?

TICO* + 1% For The Planet = Love Well the short answer to the question of why we chose to align ourselves with 1% For The Planet is ‘Why Not?’, But I do get the question from time to time and feel that it would be worthwhile to delve into our reasoning a bit more. First, […]

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Switching to a Safety Razor
Tico Shaving Straight Razor

Toss Your Mach3 and Discover Safety Razors I talk to a lot of people about shaving. A lot of people. Normal dinner conversation for me is asking someone what kind of shaving products and tools they use, what they like, do they shave with the grain or not, what they don’t like, and so on. […]

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