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Beard Oil

For those of you out there intrepid enough to let your man husk blossom, there are a few things you should know about caring for your fur muzzle to keep it tiptop. Tiptop has nothing to do with manicuring or style. I don’t discriminate between the clean cut George Clooney beards of the world and the unkempt Zach Galifianakis approach or anywhere in between for that matter… whatever style gets you going, you need to take care of your mug and keep it in good health. The best way to do that is Beard Oil.

Why Beard Oil?

Simply stated, Beard Oil helps to keep the skin under the beard moisturized while keeping the texture of the hair hydrated and soft. You should want your face to stay moisturized so when you grow old you don’t look like a raisin, and you should want your facial hair to be as soft and silky as possible so everyone knows how smooth you really are.

As you grow a beard, the hair naturally removes moisture from the skin.  Applying Beard Oil helps to hydrate your skin and the hair. Dry air, cold temperatures, and life in general tends to dry out the beard even more, causing the skin to become dry and even flaky while the hair becomes hard.

If you don’t moisturize the skin under the beard and opt for itching it away instead of giving it what it needs, you may start to notice dandruff on your beard, aka “bearddruff”.  Just as if you had a dry, itchy scalp, it too can happen to the best of beards.

To peel the onion back another layer and understand the science behind it, we need to talk about sebaceous glands. At the root of each of your beard follicles there is a pair of glands called sebaceous glands. These glands create sebum oil, which helps naturally moisturize your skin and hair. The problem is that the sebaceous glands stay the same size no matter how long the facial hair is. That’s why Beard Oil is so important to your face fur… if you think about it, your face would prefer to have little to no beard at all because that’s all it can handle. It’s up to you to take care of what your sebaceous glands can’t keep up with.

Why TICO* Organic Beard Oil?

We love our TICO* fans out there, and we get all sorts of valuable feedback, kudos and suggestions. One of the common suggestions we receive is, “You guys should make your own beard oil!” Oddly enough, this question is best answered with a common point of feedback we get from different TICO* fans stating “Did you know that TICO* makes great beard oil? I use it on my beard and love it!”

Accordingly, we thought we would bring everyone together here to announce TICO* Organic Beard Oil!  We want to make sure everyone understands that our Beard Oil IS our Shave Oil… maybe we should just call it TICO* Man Oil instead???

In either case, our delicious, organic All-In-One solution just became more powerful. We believe in simplicity. Being able to oil your beard while you shave and trim up your beard lines just made your morning a whole lot simpler.

It’s not our fault that we accidentally made the worlds best Organic Beard Oil, but that shouldn’t stop us from telling you about it! Give it a shot and let us have your unadulterated feedback by commenting below. We want to know what you think!

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