TICO* Shaving Oil: Try Our 100% Organic Shaving Oil

Why Tico?

Shaving Oil: A Friendlier, More Comfortable Way to Shave

We are going to let you in on a little secret in case you weren’t aware…
shaving with foams and gels dries your face out and provides minimal lubrication for your razor

Ready to Reduce Pain & Irritation?

We formulated our blend of USDA Organic, essential oils to soften your hair follicles,
moisturize your skin, and reduce friction

Say Goodbye to Cuts, Nicks, Ingrown Hair and Razor Burn

You can’t expect your skin to react well to dragging a razor across it unless you are nourishing, lubricating and moisturizing it before and after you shave. It's a simple equation. Less friction = Less irritation.

Shaving Oil is Great for all Skin Types

Some of our raving fans have skin conditions that you’ve probably never even heard of. They use TICO* because it allows even the most sensitive skin types to enjoy a comfortable shave.

Proprietary Blend of USDA Certified Organic Ingredients

We feel there is no better oil for your skin than Organic Hemp Oil.
Add that to all of our other wonderful oils, essential oils and extracts and you have something special

Organic Hemp Oil

Almost an oddity in nature, Hemp Oil and its polyunsaturated 3 - 6 omega fatty acids make it a perfect match for your skin


TICO* Organic Ingredients

Each of our Organic oils and essential oils were selected for their own unique qualities that begin to heal your skin before you finish shaving

peppermint shave oil
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A Simpler, Easier, and Faster Way to Shave

“Gonna change my way of thinking, make myself a different set of rules. Gonna put my good foot forward and stop being influenced by fools.” - Bob Dylan

Finally… See Where You’re Shaving

If you have only ever shaved with creams and gels, you will be blown away
at how much easier it is to shave when you can see what you’re doing

the best shaving oil for men

For the Gentlemen

We know you take your sideburn / beard / mustache / goatee sculpting very seriously. In order to achieve precisely defined lines and look your best, you need to see exactly where you are shaving, right?

For the Ladies

Shaving legs isn’t easy when you can’t see what you’re doing… avoiding blemishes, problem areas, missed spots, and those annoying cuts around your ankles. It is also perfect for your bikini area!

Our Bottle is REALLY Cool

Our pursuit of the perfect shave didn’t stop at creating an ideal shaving oil formula. The breakthrough design of our bottle will blow you away

Perfect Pump Output

Delivers exactly 5cc of shaving oil (equivalent to 5 drops of shaving oil) for a perfect shave every time, without waste.

Shatter Proof Plastic

The entire shaving oil bottle is made of shatter resistant plastics to keep you safe in the bathroom or shower.

Unique Capless Design

You can pick our bottle up and dispense with one hand. No more fumbling around with screw tops and caps.

What Have You Got To Lose?

So, come on... simplify your life, free yourself from brand name slavery,
and start living the life you were supposed to live, naturally

100% Guarantee

You really don’t have anything to lose… if you don’t like it, send it back to us and we will refund all of your money. Not some of it, all of it.

FREE Shipping

If you place an order for TICO*, we'll pay for the all shipping costs. That's pretty darn cool if you ask us.

Better Ingredients

Check out the ingredients in your current shave products. Are they USDA Certified Organic, do they come from sustainable farms or are they full of chemicals?

We Give Back

When you make a purchase, 1% will go to 1% For the Planet Organization. You don’t have to take any extra steps or make any requests; it all happens automatically.

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