Men Shaving: What to Shave and When, a Lady's perspective

What to Shave and When- From a Lady’s Perspective

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Men Shaving: What to Shave and When

Finding the balance between looking rugged and tame is a tough one, but it is doable. We like our men to be hairy, but not out-of-control. OK, some of us in Austin are bit obsessed with hairy men and long beards, but for everyone else, there is a way to achieve that perfectly-sculpted look.

There are several good reasons for keeping your manly body hair properly groomed. 

  • Keeping a neatly trimmed chest, back, and shoulders will help you appear cleaner and well-put together.
  • Your shape and masculine features are enhanced when hair is well groomed.
  • Even though it’s snowy and icy now, trimmed body hair will keep you nice and cool this summer.

Men Shaving Chest and Back

Chest hair is good! Most of us like that rugged patch of chest hair- as long as it doesn’t get stuck in your shirt buttons. Your chest should be neatly trimmed, but never completely shaved or waxed- no one wants to strip you of your masculinity! To determine if your chest hair is too long, try wrapping it around your finger. If it wraps, or is longer than ½ an inch, trim it. You should probably only have to do this every 2-3 weeks. Back hair is a little different. If you can shave it down, please do. If you can’t quite reach, I’m sure your lady friend will be happy to oblige. If she makes gorilla noises, don’t take it personally. Back hair should be trimmed or shaved about once a month.

Men Shaving Legs

Leg-shaving is only for cyclists, swimmers, and other athletes. If you really don’t like your hairy legs, just trim them with a hair trimmer every 1-2 weeks.

Men Shaving Head

Bruce Willis, Vin Diesel, Heisenberg! The shaved head is a bold look, and it highlights some of your masculine features. If your head is already trimmed, then grab your TICO* and a razor, and get after it! Pretend your head is divided into 4 parts, and just shave each section one at a time. Be sure to use warm water, and cover with a towel afterwards. You should do this every few days, or as often as your lady shaves her legs. For a head that will be exposed to the sun pretty frequently, make sure you protect yourself. TICO* offers you an awesome after-shave and moisturizer, but we have not included a sun block formula, so make sure you protect your dome!

Nose and Ears

Don’t go crazy trying to shave inside there. Nose hairs keep dirt and nasty germs from getting into your mucous membranes. Just stand in front of a mirror, and pinch your nostrils closed. If you see hair, snip the tips with a trimmer. If not, wait a couple of days. Ears should remain hair-free. I would suggest waxing since wax is already there, but that would be a terrible joke.


Eyebrows, good. Unibrows, bad. Using your thumb and a finger, hold the skin between your eyebrows, and tweeze the stragglers. Don’t try to perfect them; men’s brows should look natural and minimally-tamed, not sculpted. Do this as needed, maybe just every couple of weeks.

Men Shaving Everything else

Your face is all about shape and personal preference. I know a lot of men who like to change it up every couple of months or embarrass us by growing it all out in November. That’s OK – we love you for your passion for a cause! But leave everything else alone. A little light trimming of the hair on the arms, legs, and other places is OK as long as you let it look natural. We like you men shaving as men. Well-groomed, showered, men. (Just kidding, we like to see you dirty too!)

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