Luxury Shaving: Is TICO* like wine or chocolate for women

Is TICO* The New Wine & Chocolate For Women?

Tico For Women Wine

TICO* Shave Oil is not just for men!

Women everywhere are realizing what luxury shaving feels like with TICO* shaving oil; so we steal it from our men until we can get a hold of our own bottles. I have a girl friend in Mexico who borrowed one of my bottles of TICO* shave oil, and kept it. We love to feel smooth after a shave, not gross and itchy. TICO* makes us feel fresh, and organic, free from itch and pain, free from one of life’s annoyances, happy to cook, clean, do laundry, raise kids, or go to work with a kick in our step. We love our TICO* like we love our wine and chocolate. In fact, if someone gave me a bottle of TICO* with some wine and chocolate, that would be heavenly.

I got so fed up with shave products, that I finally just started wearing pants and shirts with sleeves so I didn’t have to shave. My legs would itch so bad after shaving,  no matter what I did, that I would wake up the next morning with bloody legs from scratching them in my sleep. I hated the razor burn, the itchiness, the inability to get a close shave, and the money I spent trying and combining so many other products- yes, even other natural products. TICO* Shave Oil provided such relief that I can run around in shorts and tank tops whenever I feel like it, and I wake up every morning hairless and happy.

Luxury Leg Shaving

Note the keyword “luxury” there.  TICO* is a luxurious shaving product that I can’t wait to use.  A common issue with any shave product is that the razor gets clogged. With most shave oils, the problem is a little worse because oils are thick, and difficult to rinse. Well, we thought of that. TICO*s consistency was formulated to not clog your razor too much. Personally, I shave the bottom half of each leg before rinsing all the hair out. I have to knock my razor against my hand a couple of times, and then stick it underneath a good strong stream of water from the shower head. If I’m shaving above the knee (special occasions only!), I rinse my razor after each leg as well. I still replace my disposable razors once every couple of weeks, and this system has worked perfectly for me for about a year.

Bikini Line Luxury Shaving

Assuming guys are reading this too, I won’t get too graphic, but every lady knows what a pain in the you-know-what it can be to shave “down there”. Razor burn, cuts, annoying bumps, itchiness- it’s all really fun right?! Since using TICO*, I haven’t had ANY of these problems. I feel like a new lady! Use one pump of TICO* Shave Oil or less for this area, and apply a  couple of drops as a moisturizer afterwards. Then skip about your day pain and annoyance free!

Under-arm Shaving

The good Lord blessed me with a very small amount of under arm hair, so I use maybe a drop of TICO* per under arm. I know others who use a half a pump, but usually no more than that. The great thing about being able to use TICO* under your arms is that it gives you a much closer shave than other products, and it eliminates the itch that usually comes afterwards. Another thing I found that really helped with under arm irritation is to use a natural deodorant. I use a Thai Crystal, and it will probably last me for years. With the combination of these products, I have had no irritation, bumps, or odors for months.

Facial shaving… I Mean, Moisturizing

Honestly, we don’t usually need to shave our faces. However, I will admit that when I was pregnant, I had one little chin hair that made an occasional appearance. If you DO need to shave your face, well, you can just follow the instructions our website already offers. But for all the other ladies, a good facial moisturizer is hard to find. I wash my face in the evenings with cold-pressed and cold-processed caster oil only, and several mornings a week, I apply a half a pump of TICO* Shave Oil and water to my face. I have never had chapped or dry skin since following this regimen, and believe me, this comes in very handy during the winter months or in dry climates. I also know some people who apply a pump of TICO* on the tops of their hands during dry months to prevent chapping from hand-washing.

I would love to hear from the ladies! What problems do you encounter while shaving? Do you prefer to wear pants just to give yourself a break from the itching? Have you tried TICO*? Or are you anxious to do so? Leave a comment below!

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