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A Manifesto On Authentic Living

To Shave or Not to Shave
how often to shave

    To Shave or not to Shave Ah, the timeless question… to shave or not to shave. Lucky for the ladies, they can cover up during the colder months. For a man though, unless you are wearing a mask, your mug is out there for folks to see. So for all you guys out […]

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Why Do Women Shave?- A Brief History
woman shaving history

The History of Women Shaving Did you know that people have been plucking, burning, and ripping out undesirable hair since 4000 B.C.? Honestly, that is one of those fun facts I may not have ever discovered if I weren’t doing a little research. Now I have something interesting to bring up at dinner parties. Cave […]

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Is TICO* The New Wine & Chocolate For Women?
Tico For Women Wine

TICO* Shave Oil is not just for men! Women everywhere are realizing what luxury shaving feels like with TICO* shaving oil; so we steal it from our men until we can get a hold of our own bottles. I have a girl friend in Mexico who borrowed one of my bottles of TICO* shave oil, and […]

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Switching to a Safety Razor
Tico Shaving Straight Razor

Toss Your Mach3 and Discover Safety Razors I talk to a lot of people about shaving. A lot of people. Normal dinner conversation for me is asking someone what kind of shaving products and tools they use, what they like, do they shave with the grain or not, what they don’t like, and so on. […]

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7 Reasons Your Body Needs Hemp Oil

Hemp Oil is Great for Your Body People tend to whisper if they say the word “hemp” out loud, but we prefer to shout it! Contrary to common belief, hemp seeds are not equivalent to marijuana. They are derived from the cannabis plant, which, when synthesized in a specific way can be smoked as marijuana, […]

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Top 10 Crazy Ways People Shave

Shaving With the Crazies Shaving with devices other than a shaving razor seems crazy, right? Well as I am sure you are aware, the world is full of crazy people, and it appears that some of them adhere to a variety of theories on what devices can be utilized for shaving. I stumbled upon a […]

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