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Shaving In The Shower

I love Shaving in the Shower

Maybe it’s just because I love showers, but I feel it is really the best way to shave. A hot shower produces a steamy environment that opens up pores and soften whiskers, and makes for a comfortable and close shave like no other. Now, just because you shave in the shower, doesn’t mean that you are good to go. I have identified three elements that need to be taken into consideration when creating the ultimate shower shaving environment.

#1: The Right Hardware

What creates an ideal environment for a great shave doesn’t necessarily create an ideal environment for your shaving equipment as water is actually what causes your razor to dull and oxidize faster. Use a good razor and make sure to rinse it out and dry it off after you shave in the shower to maintain a sharp blade. Also, an important note is that soft water is much kinder on razors, so the softer the water you have the longer your razor will last.

Those of you who are old school need to have a shelf to put your brush, your mug, and your bowl on. Safety Razor or Straight Razor users have to take extra precautions and dropping an exposed razor in the shower can be really bad when you are naked as the day you were born. Use a dry towel to keep your hands dry and not slippery! The last thing you want is to lop off your peter!

#2: The Right Software

Without going into all of the reasons I love TICO* so much, it is also a superior option for shower shaving. First of all, it is important to moisturize your skin after a hot shower. Most people that do so apply after the shower, but after you shave with TICO*, your face is moisturized and ready to go.

As for the bottles themselves, if their containers are metal (canisters) they seem to always rust and leave a ‘rust ring’ in the shower that is nearly impossible to remove. If they are made of glass, beware as glass is the last thing you want to use in the shower due to risk of accidents. We like shatterproof recyclable plastic around these parts;)

#3: The Right Fogless Mirror

You got to see where you are shaving, otherwise bad things can happen or best case scenario you have to do touchups afterwards. A regular mirror simply doesn’t cut it, you have to have a fogless mirror. In my experience, you get what you pay for in that department. Don’t skimp out and if you have the opportunity in building a custom shower, there are heating elements that you can install behind wall mounted mirrors that work incredibly well.

Here are some of the more affordable battery powered options

Here are some of the more expensive, preferred options for the serious shower shaver 

Your time in the shower should be amazing. It is an intimate part of your day where you relax and refresh. For some it is where they go to wake up and prepare to take the day on. For others it is a refuge in the evening to wash away the stresses of their day. Adding the process of shaving to it not only provides for a better shave, but another excuse to spend just a little more time in there.

Do you use a fogless mirror that you like? If so, please share it with me…



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