Top 10 Crazy Ways People Shave

Top 10 Crazy Ways People Shave

Shaving With the Crazies

Shaving with devices other than a shaving razor seems crazy, right? Well as I am sure you are aware, the world is full of crazy people, and it appears that some of them adhere to a variety of theories on what devices can be utilized for shaving. I stumbled upon a few of them and became quite curious as to all of the different ways the crazies out there are shaving. After some time, I have compiled a list of the Top 10 Crazy Ways People Shave. I struggled with the title as it could also be very accurately positioned as “The Top 10 Ways Crazy People Shave” but who are we kidding, we are all a little crazy in one way or another…who am I to call someone else crazy?

So without further adeau, and in no particular order, here are the Top 10 Crazy Ways People Shave:

10 : Shaving with a Rock

9 : Shaving with a Knife

8 : Shaving with a Sword

7 : Shaving with an Axe

6 : Shaving with a Medieval Razor

5 : Shaving with a Spoon

4 : Shaving with Sissors

3 : Shaving with a Machete 

2 : Shaving with a Battle Axe

1 : Shaving with an iPhone

Several of these Top 10 belong to Murray Carter of Carter Cutlery, so it is only right to name him as the craziest of all. Kudos to him for pushing the limits and making some great videos… but Carter, if your’re reading this, Gillette Shaving Gel is not a luxury… try some TICO* Shave Oil on your next shaving endevor!

As for the rest of you, do you know of any other crazy ways people shave? If so, we want to hear about them!

2 responses to “Top 10 Crazy Ways People Shave”

  1. Murray Carter says:

    Thank you for including me in this list! I gave up shaving with a standard razors years ago in lieu of a straight razor in order to understand the definition of ‘sharp’. Ever since then I’ve strived to push the envelope by shaving with scissors, ax-heads, knives, and even spoons! I’ve ordered your product, TICO* Oil, and look forward to trying it out and pushing the envelope of comfort!

    -Murray Carter

    “Your Source for High Performance Cutlery”

    • admin says:

      Murray –

      THANK YOU! Let us know what you think of our shave oil! We appreciate your order, and the great shaving videos you come up with! We look forward to seeing more of them. Stay sharp!

      – Team TICO*

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