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Shaving Sucks

Yeah, that’s right… Shaving SucksUse TICO* and it will suck less. 

Why does does shaving suck? Well, for the most part it is something we need to do as opposed to something we want to do. To make it worse, the products most of us use, like shaving cream and gels, are simply not the right tool for the job. They irritate and dry out your skin with their chemicals and alcohol.

We are going to let you in on a little secret in case you weren’t aware… Shaving with foams and gels dries your face out and is the reason you may be suffering from razor burn or uncomfortable shaving in general. Once I started to educate myself on mainstream foams and gels, I was appalled. I felt violated. To think how long I had used those products… How do Gillette and Colgate get away with selling shave products with ingredients listed under Schedule 3, part B of the Chemical Weapons Convention?

The logic is simple.Oil makes a better lubricant than foam. You don’t see mechanics pouring foam into engines to keep them lubricated do you? Or chefs using foam to grease their pans before cooking? It just makes sense.

Foams and gels consist of chemicals like alcohol, ammonia, triethanolamine and a bunch of other chemicals you don’t want to put on your face. It dries your skin out and irritates it to the point that you need to apply additional products like aftershaves and lotions.

Stop the madness!!! All you need to do is rub in a small amount of TICO* to your wet face to enjoy a clean, natural and moisturizing experience when you shave.  It’s simple, affordable and effective.

Be Good to your wallet. Aerosol foams and gels not only require the need for additional products for you to purchase, but they do not last long. Unlike these products, our shaving oil lasts many times longer with over 150 shaves in a single bottle that is easy to keep and is great for travel.

For most, shaving will never be a loved past time. But everyone can at least shave the right way, the natural way, and by doing so make the whole exercise… well… suck less!

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