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Refer a Friend

TICO* Refer A Friend Program

Earn credits on your TICO* purchases by spreading the word

It’s easy to refer your friends to TICO*!

We put together a pretty neat and easy to use program that will allow you to earn a few bucks every time you share TICO* with a friend, and save them a few bucks on their first order. Sound like something you might be interested in? Here’s how it works:

STEP #1 – Getting Registered. It’s simple, free and takes less than 30 seconds. Registration allows us to make sure we give you the credit when you refer someone via your unique Refer A Friend URL. We also promise to protect your information with our lives and will never spam you. Click here to get started »

Already Registered? Login Here »

STEP #2 – Spread The Love. After registering, you’ll have access to your unique Refer A Friend URL. Once you share it, via email, social media, or carrier pigeon, and someone clicks on it and make a purchase, you get a $5 credit that never expires! Also, they get $2 off by purchasing through your Refer A Friend URL, so it’s a win-win.

STEP #3 – Using Your Credits. You will receive a $5 coupon by email every time someone makes a purchase with your link. Just copy and paste that in the coupon field on checkout and save! You can also login here to access your special link, your referral statistics and a list of all available coupons available to you.

Have Questions? Need Some Help?

If you have any trouble getting your unique Refer A Friend URL, sharing your link or using your discount just let us know. Send an email to or call us at 855-MY-SHAVE. Seriously, we want to help!