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9.17.13 / Tomorrow (Wednesday) is the Last Day!

What a fantastic day with a fantastic display of support. We are at $15,770… that’s 105.13% funded! Together, we have started something very cool.

9.16.13 / Wednesday is the Last Day!

As a thanks to everyone who backed us, we are going to offer a lifetime discount of 20% on future TICO* orders. Even better, we are going to up that discount to 40% for all backers if our campaign hits $20,000 total (that’s about $5,000 to go). That’s right. Help us get there, and you will have the best discount we will ever offer. If you want to back TICO*, this is the time to do it.

9.15.13 / 2 Days Left

You can’t say FUNDED without saying FUN! We have some pretty fantastic announcements coming out tomorrow… we want to take this thing to the next level and make it worth your while. Stay tuned…

9.14.13 / 3 Days Left

Today was the day we have been dreaming about for over a year of visioning, stress, innovation, exhaustion, inspiration and challenge. Today, we crossed the 100% funded mark. Thank you for helping us achieve this fantastic benchmark. We promise to honor your support by being the best company we can be.

9.13.13 / 4 Days Left

Can you say 99.30% funded? We can! What an amazing group of supporters we have. We have $150 to go. Who’s it gonna be!?

9.12.13 / 5 Days Left

We’re getting so close to the end! We have accomplished so much already with crossing the 82% funded mark! Thank you for support!

9.11.13 / 6 Days Left

Attention fans! Our $1,000 pledge (Viral YouTube Movie Star Pledge) sold out today, but fear not as we have another cool package available. A personalized tanned leather dopp kit hand made in the U.S.A.  We’ll even handwrite a note and mail it for you as Christmas gifts…it’s been featured in GQ so it’s sure to be a hit.

9.10.13 / One Week Left!

We are proud to announce that kindshaveoil.com was awarded honorable mention at Awwwards.com.  These are awards that recognize the talent and effort of the best web designers, developers and agencies in the WORLD.  That’s right.  We are already making our mark across the globe.

9.9.13 / 8 Days Left

Alright everyone, we are $75 away from being 75% funded… who is going to take us across this cool benchmark? For whoever does, we are going to write a TICO* Haiku about you on Facebook.  Who’s it going to be?

9.8.13 / 9 Days Left

Well, the weekend is over and we hit a few exciting goals today. We crossed the $11,000 mark and our video exceeded 800 views… a couple of pretty cool benchmarks if you ask me. Tomorrow starts our last full week of this campaign, can’t wait to see what happens! Thanks again everyone!

9.7.13 / Day 13 – 10 Days Left

Hope everyone had a great Saturday! We are cruising right along into the weekend with so many exciting things happening! For all you folks in Dallas, be on the lookout for an article about TICO* coming out in D Magazine in October… the word is getting out!

9.6.13 / Day 12

What a great journey this is with each and every one of you. How fortunate we are to have a group of backers that believe so much in what we are doing. We are already 71.96% funded. We have  a new cool pledge package coming next week and we can’t wait to share it with you.

9.5.13 / Day 11

What a fantastic day. We just crossed 1,000 likes on FaceBook AND we crossed the $10,000 funding point. All of that and we’re not quite half way through this campaign. What an awesome start we have to this great company. Thank you, thank you , thank you.

9.4.13 / Day 10

Great progress today! We crossed 63% thanks to all of you! Here’s a few notable highlights:

9.3.13 / Day 9

So close to the 60% funding point! The beginning is in sight!

9.2.13 / Day 8

Happy Labor Day! Week 2 of our crowdfunding campaign! We are 56.02% funded, and we think you guys are all amazing! Have you seen our video yet? Check out the history and the heart behind TICO*.

9.1.13 / Day 7

Hope everyone is having a great Saturday! We are working on releasing some new exciting Pledge Packages for you to choose from… stay tuned.

8.31.13 / Day 6

Happy Friday! Thanks for a great first week everyone! What an amazing week it was!

8.30.13 / Day 5

Good morning everyone! Day 5 of our crowdfunding campaign, and we are just over 51% funded. What an awesome first week!

8.29.13 / Day 4

We crossed the 50% funding line! That is pretty awesome. Thanks to all of our backers… you guys rock.

8.28.13 / Day 3

We’re getting so close to the 50% funding point… what an amazing benchmark that will be for all of us!

8.27.13 / Day 2

Another astounding day today. Some people have been having some issues on internet explorer, but we are working on that. We crossed the $6,000  / 40% mark before 36 hours. Let’s keep this puppy going and break some records!

8.26.13 / Day 1

Well, we were hoping for some great traction on this first day, but it didn’t happen… we did much better! 25% funded in the first 12 hours. Woot!

8.26.13 / We’re Live!

We can’t believe it! We’re up and running. Looking forward to the first backer! Who’s it gonna be?