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Adios Movember, Hola Decembeard

Apparently, men across the globe have been having a hard time saying goodbye to Movember. The natural course of action is to identify a just cause that will enable you to keep growing your facial hair out, thus the creation of Decembeard.

After looking around online, there are a few different uses of the term ‘Decembeard’. There are several mentions of fund raising efforts in relation to this infant trend like this bowel cancer effort in the UK that claims to have been raising awareness on this topic for over 25 years.

In either case, it appears that this is in fact a new trend. New or not, we like it… we like it a lot. Apparently it is catching on as it is an actively tagged term on twitter and tumblr.

But why stop there? If one were to see through a successful Movember mustache, then roll it into an month of  unkempt facial hair in Decembeard, the only natural progression is to trim everything back to a stylish, manicured beard in ‘Manuary’!

Is this all just an effort to not have to shave? Yes, it absolutely is because shaving sucks… good thing TICO* helps it suck less…

So, if we keep the trend going, what would we do in February? What would we call it? We want to hear your ideas!

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