Electric Shavers

Electric Shavers

TICO* Shave Oil Works Great with Electric Razors

Electric razors, also referred to as electric shavers, are an alternative way to trim your beard. Over the years there have been advances in the designs and technologies and the ones available today are far most effective and comfortable than their predecessors from years ago. Still there are two different types; Rotary shavers and Foil shavers. Rotary shavers are circular and basically cut like a lawnmower with a guard. Foil Shavers have a strip of metal with a bunch of holes in it with cylindrilical razors rotating or spinning underneath.

Just like safety razors, straight razors, and every other type of razor, there is a following of people dedicated to utilizing the electric approach. Many people use them as a backup to their blade of choice so they can get a quick ‘once over’ when a close shave isn’t needed or time is short. After all, you can shave with one while driving a car and you sure wouldn’t want to try that with a straight razor! Regardless of your personal preferences, there are pros and cons to this mechanical approach:


  • Convenient to use and fast. Great for on the go shaving.
  • You never have to buy replacement razors (though all razors eventually dull and cannot be sharpened).
  • Causes less razor burn since they are not actually shaving your skin, but older models or dull ones can tug at your hairs causing great irritation.


  • Since the blades never actually make contact with your face, they can never give you a truly smooth shave.
  • Maintenance is required to keep the blades lubricated; otherwise they will dry up and not function properly. All new models come with a small amount of lubrication oil, but you have to stash it somewhere and remember to use it.
  • It is bound to happen that you will need to shave and you won’t have a charge, or run out of batteries in the middle of your shave.  When time is of the essence, this can be quite inconvenient.

For those of you that subscribe to electric shaving, there is still a need to lubricate and moisturize your face. Sure you can more easily get away with not using anything, but if comfort and skin care are at all a concern to you, it is not something you can ignore. So much so that many electric shavers come with built in moisturizer dispensers to help make for a better shave. The problem is that the products focused on this are horrible for your skin. For example, Lectric Shave Lotion uses Isopropyl Myristate. This stuff clogs pores and is used in other products like liquid wrench rust remover! This is just another example of how little major shaving companies care about the natural qualities of the products they produce.

TICO* Shave Oil is perfect for electric shaving.  Here’s why:

  • Since electric shaving is often done on the go, it needs a product that is easy to travel with and nothing is as small and effective as our shave oil.
  • It is a natural lubricant so there is no need to keep track of, tote around, or use the petroleum based lubricant that came with the electric shaver.
  • It is a perfect lubricant for creating a frictionless glide of the shaver across your face. Reduced friction not only means no razor burn but it also lengthens the life of the blades.
  • Last but not least, it is a natural blend of essential oils that is great for your skin. No chemicals here, and no need for any additional products to moisturize your face before or after shaving.

Are you an electric shaver fan that uses TICO* Shave Oil? We want to know what you think!

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