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Movember 2012 Events

Movember 2012 Events

Can you believe that we are but a few short days away from the end of Movember 2012? It has been a great month for TICO* and for all of the MO Bro’s out there. We are very anxious to see how much this great charity brings in this year.

As we conclude our favorite month of the year, TICO* has sponsored two different Movember events in our home town, Austin Texas. We wanted everyone to be in the loop on the places to go to see some great ‘staches:

The League Kitchen & Tavern : November 27th

Lakeway is a booming part of our great city, and there are many eateries and watering holes that have followed, but none as dialed in as The League. These guys have a great wine and beer selection as well as some of the best food around. Most importantly, they are huge supporters of Movember and TICO*.

The Square Rut Kava Bar : December 1st

These guys have a great business on their hands… If you haven’t tried Kava (its a relaxation drink) out yet, I strongly suggest that you do. It is a drink that relieves anxiety, stress and even insomnia. It dates back to the ancient pacific islanders and seems to be making a comeback as a trend in the U.S. and around the world. You can check out their Facebook Events page here and their event poster below.

How is TICO* Involved?

For both of these events, TICO* is a sponsor, and we will be donating a free bottle of TICO* Shave Oil to every man who walks in with a mustache… well I guess if a lady walks in with a mustache we will give her a free bottle too…

Either way, it is just a small way that TICO* further supports this great charity as well as our local community.

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