JR Liggetts Hemp Shampoo

JR Liggetts Hemp Shampoo

JR Liggetts Review

One of the great aspects of my job is the exposure I get to so many great products that are related to TICO* Shave Oil. The most recent one being J.R. Ligget’s  Hemp Shampoo. This is not your ordinary shampoo for several reasons, the main one being that it is not in liquid form. I was momentarily confused when introduced to this shampoo bar soap… I mean, come on… shampoo doesn’t come in the form of bar soap, right? Wrong.

I started reading the package and realized two things immediately;

  1. First, it makes so much more sense to remove the water from the ingredients of shampoo. Think about the energy saved in the transportation of this product as compared to its mainstream counterparts. Less weight & smaller size takes less fuel to ship it from point A to point B. That means a smaller carbon footprint, less polution, and the cheaper delivery costs are passed onto the customer. That alone makes this product worthy of consideration… save money and save the planet!
  2. Secondly, this company realizes the benefits of Hemp oil to the human body. With its unique combination of essential fatty acids, it gives your hair the nutrition that it so desperately needs.

So is it any good? No, it’s great. I was concerned that there would be no lather but after just a few swipes of the bar across my head and almost like magic there immediately appeared a rich, full lather. My other concern was whether or not I was going to need to still use conditioner, I mean, what’s the point of replacing my shampoo if I still have to lug around a big bottle of conditioner? I am excited to report that this shampoo is akin to the ‘Pert Plus’ concept of the all in one, as I have not needed to use conditioner since hopping on the J.R. Liggett’s boat. What more could you ask for?

Of course light weight and hemp oil ingredients are similar traits shared by TICO* Shave Oil, and in my mind J.R. Liggett’s Shampoo and TICO* Shave Oil are excellent complimentary bathroom products. They are both so simple and make so much sense. On top of that, I have been using the bar I was given for a month now and it doesn’t appear to have shrunken very much. I would guess at this point that it will last for four months or so.

If you share my passion for simplifying your time in the bathroom while discovering superior products for your body, try this stuff as well as TICO* Shave Oil. Once you do, I would love to hear your thoughts and feedback.

Do you love J.R. Liggett’s Hemp Shampoo as much as I do?

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