Bald is Bad Ass

Bald is Bad Ass

Let’s Face It… Bald is Bad Ass.

I commend all of my fellow brethren who shaved their heads. It is a sleek and sexy trend, mostly lead by guys who had a little help from mother nature in shedding those follicles. Otherwise maintenance is a bear if you have a full head of thick locks trying to constantly grow back out. The fortunate ones are those who can manage the chrome dome. Let’s face it, some of Hollywood’s top dogs have gone the way of the bald eagle and they are better for it, just look at Bruce Willis, Samuel L. Jackson, and Vin Diesel to name a few.

Why is it Bad Ass? Here are the Top 10 Reasons:

10. You never have to use shampoo or conditioner again

9. You never have to comb or style your hair again. Simple. Boom

8. You will never, ever have a bad hair day

7. Women love it… and it’s sexy

6. No one will ever know, nor will you have to cover up your grey hair

5. You can put the top down on your jeep or convertible anytime

4. You can give intimidating looks to just about anyone and scare the shit out of them

3. You never have to sit through another awkward conversation with your barber about what they have been up to and how you have been. Like either of you really care. Its bad enough you have to stare at yourself in a mirror for 20 minutes

2.You are mature and confident by accepting yourself for who you are

1. Only you know the pure joy of smothering your entire face and head in TICO* Shave Oil.

Are you one of the chosen few to dawn this edgy and sophisticated look? Any other reasons that you love the hairless look? Let us know!


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