Triethanolamine, not part of the best natural shaving creams

Shaving Cream Toxins

I Would Like to Introduce You to Triethanolamine

Obviously I am a fan of shaving oil, and the reasons are many. It not only offers the most superior shaving experience when compared to all other creams and gels, but it is far better for the environment and it doesn’t contain the shaving cream toxins found in “the best natural shaving creams” or most commercial shaving creams.

As you may be aware, most shaving cream toxins include petroleum derived components. Since petroleum is a non-sustainable resource with countless environmental damaging qualities, it makes for a poor choice for a shaving solution. In fact, most shaving creams on the market today contain a nasty little chemical called Triethanolamine. Also known as TEA. Let me just tell you that this is not the stuff you want absorbing into your skin. You really shouldn’t want anything to do with it, and I am not quite sure how it is even legal that this stuff is placed in any consumer products. I will save you some time on Google and summarize the most exciting points here:

Triethanolamine Fun Facts:

  • Scientist documented an increased incidence of tumor growth within female mice livers,
  • It kills fish and other animal life when it is entered into aquatic environments,
  • It is listed under Schedule 3, part B of the Chemical Weapons Convention as it is used to make mustard gas,
  • It has been known to convert to Nitrosamine, a known cancer causing agent!!
  • and this is in some of the best natural shaving creams! Time for TICO*

Triethanolamine Is Great For:

  • Developing photography,
  • Aiding in the production of cement,
  • Manufacturing printing ink, paint, dishwashing liquids, metalworking fluids, detergents, general cleaners, metal polishes, and so on.

So as you can see, shaving cream toxins and their chemical based ingredients leave much to be desired. Forget for a moment that they don’t even provide a quality shave experience, but they are made out of chemicals that we probably shouldn’t even be messing with in the first place. Why is it that this product has not yet fallen to the wayside of our culture’s search to find and utilize products that are sustainable, natural, and superior? So opt for TICO* shave oil over the best natural shaving creams.  It is my position that it will in time, as consumers become more educated about what they are using and what other options exist.

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