Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave Club

The Awesome Dollar Shave Club Video

Have any of you seen the you tube video for Dollar Shave Club? It’s awesome. In my opinion, there are two core problems with the shaving industry in our country—razors and cream (hardware and software). You already know how I feel about the expensive and ridiculously ineffective shaving creams and gels out there, and how TICO* Shave Oil is my favorite solution to that problem. But what about razors?

I don’t think that there is anything wrong with the razors of our day, for the most part. Though the shave tech out there with vibrating handles and other completely unnecessary ‘features’ are somewhat comical to me. The problem is that they are extremely overpriced with one player having the monopoly on the store shelves that all but jump out at us when we need a new razor.

Now I have to say that at then end of the day, I prefer a DE razor. They are far less expensive than disposable razors, and DE razors are recyclable while disposable razors are not. Disposable shaving razor heads are recyclable in theory, but realistically it requires the consumer to mail the used razor head back to the manufacturer, if they will take it back. BIC launched such a program in France, but no one has attempted this needed program in the United States. But I digress.

If you are unwavering in your decision to use disposable razors, and I can’t convince you otherwise, then at least you can simplify your life by purchasing affordable razors online form These guys are funny and they are tackling the same troubled industry that we are, but on the other front. Allies if you will…

Not only that, but they have a light hearted marketing approach which is reflected in one of the best viral videos I have ever seen. What a riot! I am not sure if I like the bear or Alejandro better. Or is it Alejandra? I can’t tell, but in either case these guys have a great model they have created with great positioning. With the cost savings that they provide combined with the affordability of TICO* Shave Oil, shaving is starting to make a lot more sense.

Kudos to Dollar Shave Club…a job well done guys. The party is on indeed.

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